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In February, three maintenance projects on Airbus aircraft were successfully accomplished.

A Head of State Airbus ACJ320 was re-delivered after a thorough 24-month inspection in Basel, Switzerland. AMAC are proud to serve this long-term customer.

A privately-owned Airbus ACJ319 underwent a planned 1A and 3A Check in Basel. AMAC’s technicians carried out ‘Out of Phase’ (OOP) tasks on the aircraft and returned it to another long-term customer on time.

AMAC’s Airbus Team accomplished a C Check on an Airbus ACJ320neo. AMAC were happy to welcome back the aircraft in Basel, where it had been completed three years ago. Besides the C Check, the Airbus Team carried out repairs on the Ka band antenna. After some additional paint repair and interior work, the Airbus ACJ320neo was released back to service.