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10 years of hard work, a growing strategy, projects of diversity have seen AMAC Aerospace raise itself as one of the youngest, strongest MRO’s and Completion centres in the world with a healthy appetite to serve our clients from around the world as a leading company in our industry, which has manifested into Arabian Knight dedicating their Winter profile edition as Mr. Kadri Muhiddin, AMAC’s Executive Chairman & CEO and his team as Arabian Knights.

Mr. Kadri Muhiddin paints an overview most companies would wish to see in a shorter turnaround time yet under his unique leadership, the AMAC team has created a company that is recognised worldwide alongside the management across the board.  AMAC Aerospace acknowledges our founders as distinguished pioneers with a vision that will see the entire workforce drive the industry further into areas that clients and suppliers are wanting to move in.  K. Muhiddin’s vision and drive see the AMAC teams work extend across all forms of inquiry and every project to date has been returned on time and budget but more importantly, elevating these completed aircraft into an elite category unto their own.

 We invite you to take a closer look into the questions put forward to Mr. K. Muhiddin.

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