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AMAC proudly announces new incoming maintenance projects, which demonstrate its expertise in maintenance and refurbishment work on both wide body jets and narrow body jets.

Three Gulfstream aircraft are currently undergoing big maintenance checks in AMAC’s first hangar, which is mainly dedicated to Maintenance activities on small sized aircraft. AMAC’s well experienced Gulfstream team is performing annual checks on the privately- owned Gulfstream G4, G5, G550 and G450 aircraft. A maintenance contract with an Airbus A320 aircraft owner from the Middle East has been signed by AMAC in order to perform a 4C inspection in conjunction with a full cabin removal, a landing gear overhaul, carpet replacement and various cabin smart repairs. The corporate A320 aircraft will enter AMAC’s hangar doors in Basel, Switzerland, by the end of April, 2017.

The demand on maintenance work has increased significantly over the last 10 years at AMAC Aerospace. Therefore, AMAC has expanded its approval list for Maintenance activities and has recently received approval from the Federal Office of Civil Aviation to provide line and base maintenance on Boeing B757 and B767 series.

“We are delighted to see that our expertise in maintenance on a wide range of aircraft types is appreciated by the market. With the new approvals that we received, we are able to meet the increasing demand also on Boeing B757 and B767 series.” said Mr. Rudi Kurz, Director Maintenance & CAMO, AMAC Aerospace.

AMAC’s first hangar is mainly dedicated to maintenance activities on small sized jets