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AMAC Aerospace proudly announces the successful re-delivery of a Boeing Business Jet 737-900 aircraft after several minor and major modifications.

In order to provide high speed connectivity, which allows all passengers to work online as seamleassly in the air as they do on the ground, AMAC has installed a KA Band Satcom system on the privately-owned BBJ3 aircraft. AMAC’s engineers have delevoped an EASA STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) for carrying out this major modification on the Business Jet and enabling the best connectivity on board. In addition, several minor cabin modifications were performed. As a result, the noise level of a part of the cabin has been reduced to ensure the highest comfort for all passengers.

“Our engineering department has already developed several STCs for the KA band Satcom installation on business jets, as there is a strong demand of high speed connectivity in the business aviation market. With our strong engineering and mechanical expertise at AMAC, we are delighted to carry out a growing number of these modifications on the private jets of our esteemed clientele.” commented Mr. Bernd Schramm, Group Chief Operating Officer of AMAC Aerospace.

A privately-owned BBJ3 was returned to service after AMAC has performed several modifications, as among others the installation of a KA Band Satcom system