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AMAC Aerospace received its B747-8i earlier in the month and is proud to be awarded this prestigious project as it’s been positioned within AMAC’s new wide body hangar. The work due for completion, from nose to tail shall entail a 2 year production programme of new VIP interior areas, an integrated new concept using Greenpoint’s OSU loft, which is positioned at the aft of the aircraft, with installations of Private areas and Work areas with VIP cabin avionic systems, equipped with Master Bedroom, Master Lavatory, VIP Lavatories throughout the cabin, Guest Areas, which shall encompass both day and night configurations, AVOD, SATCOM TV system, External cameras (Left, Right, Tail and Belly Cams) and RGB lighting throughout the cabin to name but a few and this will be AMAC’s 3rd wide body project in its history so far.