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AMAC Aerospace SWITZERLAND has successfully completed and returned to service it´s first B747-8i in VVIP configuration, which stemmed over a two year project downtime.  This makes AMAC Aerospace the first completion centre in the world to re-deliver an aircraft of this size and complexity.  The cabin is decorated with the highest levels of custom furniture, monuments, exotic materials, bespoke artwork, easy flow of passenger mobility throughout the cabin as with plenty of storage space and high end technical equipment, such as peripheral cameras located around the exterior of the aircraft, Live TV, SATCOM installations, additional water tanks, showers, beds, galleys to name but a few.  “We are all proud to see this project come to an end; we hope that the principle will recognize the level of detail coming from our skilled craftsmen and women.  We would like to thank our client, his flight operations team, all the men and women that have made this project a reality.”, said Christian Schirlin, Head of Project Management, AMAC Aerospace.

“The tireless efforts made by our teams of people working day and night are a testament to why we are the best in this business.  We have really come a long way with this B747-8i as it has tested every person as an individual as with challenged the departments who have relentlessly combed through thousands of documents from production, to analysis, to installation, to certification through to the acceptance tests and shake down flights.  New learning curves have enabled AMAC to refine and better our products, procedures and have given valuable insights in to what is feasible.  We are extremely happy with the end result and we relish the opportunity to take on our next wide body project”, said Bernd Schramm, Group Chief Operating Officer, AMAC Aerospace.