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AMAC has welcomed an Airbus A340-500 aircraft at its facility in Basel, Switzerland, to install a KA- band system on the Head-of-State aircraft. The Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for this installation is developed by AMAC’s engineering department.

AMAC has already developed a STC for the KA-Band installation on B737-900ER aircraft, which was issued in January 2017. The STCs for a KA- band installation on the aircraft models A340-500, A340-600 and B777-200LR are currently under development and will be available in Q2, 2017.

“Our engineering department has worked on over 750 projects for which minor modifications and STCs have been developed in order to fulfill the demands of our esteemed clientele. The STCs developed by AMAC for the KA- band installation on the A330-200, A340-500/-600, B777-200LR and B737-900 offer a shorter down-time, a broader service portfolio to clients and is therefore a decisive market advantage when it comes to future KA-band installation requests.” said Mr. Roger Sandmann, Head of Engineering & Certification & CVE, AMAC Aerospace.

The STCs for the KA- band installation are developed in house by AMAC’s engineering department