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AMAC Aerospace is proud to announce that it has been awarded for a cabin refurbishment and reconfiguration on an Airbus A319:

AMAC Aerospace will welcome an Airbus A319 in Basel, Switzerland for a cabin refurbishment and a partial cabin reconfiguration. AMAC’s experienced team will install a novel VIP bedroom in the Head of State’s aircraft. A partial cabin reconfiguration will be carried out and AMAC will replace all business class seats in the Airbus with new ones.

In addition to the cabin refurbishment and reconfiguration AMAC is going perform a C4-Check.

“We are very proud to have been awarded a project of this magnitude from a long-term customer. Our teams are really looking forward to this ACJ319 modification. Having been selected shows the Customer’s appreciation for our engineering and workmanship quality that lead us over the last years to become the leading completion center for large VIP aircraft.” Said Mr. Eric Hoegen, Director Completion Sales & Key Account Management, AMAC Aerospace Switzerland AG.