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Two G450 aircraft have been released to service after a registration change to a new owner and operator.

AMAC’s Design Organization covered new cabin placards and an engineering order for a new exterior paint livery. AMAC’s Maintenance and Logistics Organization fulfilled all the registration change requirements within a short downtime in order to minimize the customer’s operational costs. During this registration change and defect rectification process the highly specialized Gulfstream team of AMAC performed all due maintenance activities. AMAC sent the two aircraft to its selected partner for exterior painting, which is working under AMAC’s quality handbook according to AMAC’s standards. AMAC Aerospace is auditing all selected paint facilities and is monitoring the paint work and is further providing Part 145 Maintenance activities along through the paint work (i.e. balancing of flight controls, aircraft weighing and release to service).


One of the G450 aircraft at a selected paint facility, where AMAC is monitoring the paint work