AOG Support +41 58 310 31 13

AMAC Aerospace Switzerland Ltd. received numerous requests from its clients to offer an efficient AOG support service in order to keep the ground time for their aircraft as short as possible.
As AOG support service via the airline network often proved itself as not to be time efficient, we decided to acquire a PC-12 NG aircraft in order to be able to offer quick and easy access to aircraft on ground all over Europe and the neighboring countries. The aircraft was ordered on January 5, 2011 and was delivered to AMAC on June 29, 2011. By using our new aircraft our mechanics and spare parts can now be dispatched within a couple of hours to the aircraft on ground.

“The PC-12 NG is equipped with a cargo door for bulky spare parts and tooling and can accommodate up to 6 people. Therefore it is the ideal aircraft for such a mission”, says Rudi Kurz, Director of Maintenance and Production Organization.