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AMAC Aerospace is proud to announce the return delivery of a Bombardier Global Express 5000 aircraft, which was handed to the facility in Basel, Switzerland, for maintenance and refurbishment work.

AMAC’s Design Department had developed a new interior design concept, which was applied to the interior of the privately owned Global Express 5000 by AMAC’s engineers. The seats, divans, carpet and the VIP lavatory have been refurbished in accordance to the new design concept. An entire new veneering of all veneered surfaces and the replacement of all soft materials were also part of the refurbishment work of AMAC. In addition, the aircraft underwent an 8C-Check and AMAC has performed various cockpit and SATCOM upgrades to enhance the cabin connectivity for all passengers. The Global Express has been equipped with the latest technology standards as for example a new cabin management and entertainment system (CMS & IFE) which enables features as HD- capability.

A new design concept had been developed by AMAC Aerospace’s Design Organization