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New maintenance contracts have been awarded to AMAC Aerospace, on three Bombardier Global 6000’s;

On the first Global 6000 AMAC will perform 450/900 landing checks and perform at the same time a 15 month check. The privately owned aircraft will arrive in autumn at AMAC’s headquarter in Basel, Switzerland.

On the other two privately owned Bombardier Global 6000, AMAC Aerospace will install an ‘ACA’ (Aviation Clean Air) system. On one of them, AMAC will also carry out a cabin interior re-configuration.

The ACA system eliminates all pathogens, throughout the aircraft by creating positives and negative ions from Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules, in the water vapor present in the air. The ACA technology is environmentally friendly and works by doubling and accelerating nature’s cleaning process, with no chemicals added. The ACA component is effective in the air, on surfaces and wherever the conditioned air goes. The benefits are neutralizing odors from galley, lavatory and it also removes pathogens, particles and allergens from the air and makes the air safer to breath.