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AMAC Aerospace are proud to announce having signed a new contract on an Airbus ACJ319. The Head-of-State aircraft will undergo a 4C-Check and a landing gear overhaul in Basel, Switzerland. AMAC’s Airbus Team is looking forward to welcoming the Airbus ACJ319 in November 2020.

In August, AMAC Aerospace will welcome a privately-owned Airbus ACJ318. AMAC Aerospace will carry out a 6- month inspection and a landing gear overhaul. The landing gear overhaul will be split in two phases; after the removal, AMAC will install a loan unit on the aircraft so the Airbus ACJ318 can go back immediately on its missions after the maintenance inspection. As soon the ship set has been returned back to AMAC, the Airbus ACJ318 will return to Basel, and AMAC’s Airbus Team will re-install the landing gear after overhaul.