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AMAC’s Gulfstream Team carried out an annual base maintenance package on a Gulfstream G550 including ‘Computerized Maintenance Program’ (CMP). CMP is a system, which has been developed by Gulfstream for maintenance tasks on the whole Gulfstream fleet. Each individual maintenance task is controlled by the system and according to the specified GAC instructions. The Head of State aircraft underwent during the ground time structural corrosion repairs, followed by ‘Service Bulletins’ (SB’s) and ‘Airworthiness Directives’ (AD’s). The G550 was re-delivered to AMAC’s long-term customer beginning of May.

At the end of April, AMAC Aerospace completed a 72-month check on a Gulfstream GIV of a long-term customer. The scheduled maintenance work on the Head of State aircraft included structural corrosion repairs. After the maintenance input, the aircraft was cleaned and went back to its missions.