AMAC CORPORATE JET AG provides comprehensive full-service management packages with turnkey solutions for worry-free, cost-effective aircraft ownership. Aircraft management has evolved to make sure the pleasure of ownership outweighs the burden of responsibility and as industry experts we’ll maximize the pleasures by minimizing the obligations. We assign every client a small, expertly trained to team to do so. AMAC crews and dispatchers, our maintenance coordinators and administrative staff are all trained to the highest standards to make sure each flight meets your personal expectations.


Choose only from the best. Our pre-screening, exclusive selection and training of aircrews secures your peace of mind. Top-in-class crew performance standards are maintained by internal trainings, annual simulator tests and regular refresher courses. Benefitting from the excellent Swiss employment system, our crews are highly motivated to perform to the best of standards. Their training results in additional advantage for you in the form of volume discounts with training providers and low rates at training facilities. We manage all crewing administration details, payroll and social security so that you can spend your time in the air.


Our worldwide, year-round 24/7 dispatch and flight-coordination center handles the flight requests, flight planning, flight coordination and any other services you’ll ever need. Manned by experienced and highly qualified staff, AMAC is equipped with the latest flight-watch software and technology. Supervision, security and safety are our goals.


Negotiating rock-bottom fuel prices for clients in over 150 destinations is an essential AMAC service as fuel is the best way to leverage savings around the world. You’ll profit from our networks and negotiating advantages to leverage savings, and benefit from uplifts on credit. Fuel carnets will be awaiting you upon arrival at your aircraft.


Our staff, highly experienced in insurance negotiations and options, will arrange outstanding coverage for you at special hull-liability and war-risk insurance rates. We’ll also manage loss and claim handling, should the need arise. Fleet insurance goes a long way to ensuring peace of mind.


Invoice supervision is a service we also guarantee. Our accounting and administration department will provide you with a monthly statement detailing costs for expenses related to your aircraft’s operation, as well as a monthly reporting package. Upon request, we’ll assume supervisory responsibility for your finances. Restraint, security and good council are the keys to cost control.


Cost sensitivity is a key determinant of value. Profit from the significant advantages unavailable to those who manage their own aircraft. These savings result from lower insurance rates within AMAC’s own fleet policy, low training-facility provider rates because of our volume discounts and also, as experts in fuel negotiations, we will reduce your fuel costs to the lowest possible rates. Our management services will save you money while buying you time.


A skilled maintenance workforce is at your service. An AMAC maintenance coordinator will be dedicated to your specific needs, assuming all administrative responsibility and supervising your aircraft’s service bulletins and airworthiness directives so you can be free to fly. Your designated coordinator will negotiate contracts and plan your maintenance events to minimize downtime and maximize flight time.


IBAC International Standard for Business Aircraft
Operations – Ref: 100193