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AMAC is an approved CAMO (Approval No: CH.CAMO.7011) (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) organization with its principal activity in the field of continuous airworthiness management and technical assistance with respect to aircraft for Owners and Operators. Typically an owner requires ‘Continuing Airworthiness Management’ regarding their aircraft and has the possibility to engage AMAC regarding such services.



AMAC Aerospace is ready to look after your full CAMO accountability. A dedicated team at AMAC Aerospace is ready to serve you, either as a designated planning engineer or as an approved person to fulfil continuing airworthiness of aircraft and aeronautical products, parts and appliances I.A.W Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014


AMAC’s educated staff are able to issue ‘Airworthiness Review Certificates’ to the airworthiness authorities in whom the aircraft is registered under or to issue Airworthiness review recommendation. We are able to offer this service to VIP owners/operators with or without their own CAMO approval.


AMAC Aerospace can deliver the best service in CAMO activities, which means we can be relied on as trustworthy, clear and thorough to meet all your technical requirements. We have team members with extensive experience and so we are able to tailor a complete package or a partial one; depending on your needs; which in turn creates cost-effective resolutions.


At AMAC Aerospace our CAMO department don’t wait around. A pragmatic and efficient working environment is continuously at play. We are happy to say we are well connected to spare part specialists and therefore we are very close to you and your aircraft. Our 24/7 support can be relied on and trusted. AMAC are on hand for any trouble shooting and spare part coordination.


A dedicated Continues Airworthiness Coordinator is automatically assigned to your account when you join us at AMAC. He/she shall work closely with you and your requirements to help coordinate all technical subjects within the company to bring you the best service you and your aircraft require.


EASA Part-CAMO Approval:
Switzerland (FOCA) – Ref: CH.CAMO.7011

Foreign CAMO Approvals:
Bahrain, Kingdom of – (BCAA) – Ref: ANTR-M/8/12.18
Bermuda – (BDCA) – Ref: BDA/CAMO/038
Cayman Islands – (CAACI) – Ref: 014-CAY-CAMO-2010
United Arab Emirates – (GCAA) – Ref: CAMO/025/12



Contact: Reto Sgier - Manager CAMO
Tel +41 58 310 31 40