As one of the youngest and technology advanced facility in the world offering VIP, private and corporate aviation services we’re prepared to manage your every maintenance need. We respect that your goal is to have your aircraft back in the shortest ground-time possible, so we perform maintenance, refurbishment and aircraft modifications simultaneously in a single downtime period.


Our maintenance services include scheduled and unscheduled line and heavy base maintenance activities on airframe and power plant; managing major inspections, repairs and modifications; executing original equipment manufacturer (OEM), airworthiness directives (AD), customer bulletins (CB), services bulletins (SB), avionic repairs, installations and upgrades. Components and spare parts are also available on and offsite. In addition to all of our maintenance services, we simultaneously manage upgrades, refurbishment and aircraft modifications. Our facility includes new state-of-the-art workshops: cabinet, upholstery, sheet metal, wheel and composite workshops and an electro/avionics/battery workshop too.

AMAC Maintenance Basel services
AMAC Maintenance Basel Hangar


Five state-of-the-art hangars are situated in the heart of Europe at Switzerland’s EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse. AMAC hangars are all equipped with the latest technological innovations, meet the highest standards of safety, and respect environmental materials in construction.

AMAC Maintenance Basel Hangar
AMAC Maintenance Basel Hangar


We dedicate one wide-body hangar to maintenance and two wide-body hangars to completions and refurbishment services. These hangars together comfortably accommodate multiple narrow and wide-body aircraft, Boeing B747s, B777s, B787s, Airbus A340s, A330s and can extend to service an A380.

AMAC Maintenance Basel Capacity
AMAC Maintenance Basel Capacity


(1'277'547 sq ft)

AMAC`s smaller hangar is designed to simultaneously accommodate a wide variety of aircraft combinations for maintenance work. For instance, two narrow-body aircraft, Boeing Business Jets and/or Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321 or Gulfstreams and select Bombardier jets. All of our four hangars are equipped with the latest technological innovations. They meet the highest standards of safety and respect environmental materials in construction.


Our recently opened fifth hangar offers a space of 4,850m2 and is dedicated to Mid-Size aircraft. With only 12 months of construction time the new hangar offers also 30,000m2 new apron at our headquarter in Basel, Switzerland. Five workshops are integrated in hangar no. 5; a component and calibration shop, a window repair shop, a sound testing shop and two offices for the maintenance teams.

AMAC Maintenance Basel Capacity


Maintenance Organization Authorization:
Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA)
Ref: CH.145.0363

Production Organization Authorization:
Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA)
Ref: CH.21.G.0015

Design Organization Authorization:
European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
Ref: EASA.21J.414

Active Foreign Design Organization Authorization:
UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)
Ref: DOA/123

Completion Center Approvals

Active Foreign Approvals
Aruba – (DCA) – Ref: DL.ACC.096
Bahrain, Kingdom of - (BCAA) - Ref: ALD/AIR/8/5.146/244
Bermuda – (BCAA) – Ref: BDA.AMO.353

Brazil – (ANAC) – Ref: 1302-01/ANAC
Cameroon, Republic of – (CCAA) Limited to Cameroon Air Force – Ref: CMR/AMO-V-01M

Cayman Islands - (CAA) - Ref: 015-CAY-AMO-2008
Chad, Republic of – (ADAC) – Ref: 003/ADAC/DG/DNV/DNA/2021
Gabon – (ANAC) – Ref: GA.
Guernsey, States of – (CIAR) – Ref: 2-REG.145.6
Isle of Man – (CAA)
Kazakhstan – recognizes AMAC CH.145.0363 approval - Ref: 0000077
Kuwait, State of – (DGCA) – Ref: DGCA/AMO/106 
Morocco, Kingdom of – (DGAC) – Ref: CN-E 23/16
Nigeria, Federal Republic of – (NCAA) – Ref: AMO.CH.AMAC

Oman, Sultanate of – (PACA) – Ref: AWR/AMO/AMAC-150/10
Qatar, State of – (QCAA) – Ref: QCAA/FAMO/104
Republic of Turkey – (DGCA) –  Ref: TR.145.F.0067
Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of – (GACA) – Ref: AMO-334F
Senegal – (ANACIM) – Ref: SN.145.VAL.031
Sweden, Kingdom of – (FMV) Limited to Military registrations only
Taiwan, Republic of (CAA) – Ref: CAA-RS-033
United Arab Emirates – (GCAA) – Ref: UAE.145.1073
United States of America – (FAA) – Ref: 5SZY682C



Aircraft above 5700 kg

Airbus A310 series
Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 series
Airbus A320neo series
Airbus A330 series
Airbus A340 series
Airbus A350 series

Boeing B757 series
Boeing B767 series
Boeing B737-300/-400/-500 series
Boeing B737-600/-700/-800/-900 series including BBJ 700 (BBJ1) / 800 (BBJ2) / 900 (BBJ3)
Boeing B737-7/-8/-9 series (MAX)
Boeing B777 series
Boeing B747- 400 series
Boeing B747 -8 series
Boeing B787-8/-9/-10 series
Boeing MD-80 series

Bombardier BD-700 (Global Express/Global Express XRS/Global 5000/Global 5500/Global 6000/Global 6500/Global 7500) series
Bombardier BD-100-1A10 series (Challenger 300/350)
Bombardier CL600-2B16 (604 Variant) (Challenger 604/605/650)

Gulfstream G-1159 series
Gulfstream GIV series (GIV/GIVSP/300/400)
Gulfstream GIVX-series (G350/G450)
Gulfstream GV
Gulfstream GV-SP (G500/G550)
Gulfstream GVI (G650/G650ER)
Gulfstream GVII (G500, G600)

Avionic, Instrument and Auto Pilot Installations
Electrical Systems Installations


Aircraft under 5700 kg

Pilatus PC-12 NG
Pilatus PC-24 series

C5 Electrical power
C6 Equipment
C14 Landing gear
C19 Windows
C20 Structure

Specialized Services
D1 Non-destructive testing

Eddy current
Liquid penetrant
Magnetic particles


Aircraft Maintenance Services in Europe

Contact: Rudi Kurz – Director Maintenance & Production Organisation
Tel +41 58 310 32 12

Contact: Alexis Ott – Director Maintenance Sales & Key Account Management
Tel +41 58 310 32 28

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) 24-hour Support

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