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AMAC Aerospace Switzerland has acquired Gamit Ltd, a UK company supplying professional and technical support to local and international Maintenance Repair Organizations, airlines, private and corporate aircraft owners.

Bernd Schramm, Chief Operating Officer AMAC Aerospace Switzerland, said: “We are excited to incorporate Gamit Limited into the ‘AMAC Aerospace Group of Companies’ as it will give the group more aviation related services that we normally have to seek from the wider markets. We will be integrating a strong team based out of the UK with about 100yrs worth of cumulative experience.”

Ian Davies, General Manager of Gamit Ltd, adds: “Becoming part of the ‘AMAC Aerospace Group of Companies’ will enable us to access new markets, offer new services and work much closer together on mutual projects realizing efficiencies that ultimately benefit our clients. It is an exciting time for the group and a great opportunity for Gamit Limited.”

The business model of Gamit Ltd is based on three pillars: Material and logistics support, technical services and digital records online. The material support services is the core business: Since 1990, Gamit has been providing airlines, corporate and VIP aircraft part support with an international network of supply chain partners formed over the past 30 years. The customer needs shape the technical services support. Over the years, the services included onsite technical support for passenger to freight conversions, engine overhaul and aircraft base maintenance. Other services offered historically included CAMO and commercial end of lease services. ROAM comprises digital records online. The solution is a web-based application developed in-house and serving all those involved with aircraft records and airworthiness.

Gamit Ltd will keep its offices at London Stansted Airport.