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Keeping a facility safe and being prepared for any kind of incidents is not an easy thing. The Bodrum team of AMAC Aerospace Turkey welcome the firefighting department to their Bodrum Facility. The Bodrum-Milas BJV Airport Deputy General Manager and Tarmac Manager joined the group for the visit.

Mr. Gürkan Özkan, Maintenance Manager AMAC Aerospace Bodrum, welcomed the guests and toured with them the facility. Explanations were given to the safety measures they have to comply with under the regulations which are comprehensive. After the tour, the hosts showed the emergency exits and explained in detail the emergency procedures that AMAC have in place.

Mr. Gürkan Özkan described the aircraft level of security in case of fire and what precautions are taken during the testing of aircraft equipment as well as what kind of safety measures that come into play during an aircraft engine run. The members of the firefighting department were impressed by the precautions taken.