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We, AMAC Aerospace, are proud to announce that Mukamalah Aviation Company, Saudi Arabia agreed to enter into a collaborative discussion with AMAC Aerospace bringing both companies together to offer the Saudi and wider Gulf region excellent aircraft maintenance services in narrow-body, wide-body and fixed-wing platforms.

The heart of the franchise allows the established experience of AMAC personnel especially in Commercial and Private Aviation to be reflected on Mukamalah customer’s experience, which will elevate the quality and customer satisfaction by all operators and owners in the region.

AMAC Aerospace Switzerland AG
AMAC Aerospace is offering narrow and wide-body VIP Completion and Maintenance for the corporate/private aviation market. The company was founded in 2008 in Basel, Switzerland. Today the company is the largest privately-owned facility in the world and led by Kadri Muhiddin, Executive Chairman/Group CEO, Bernd Schramm, Group COO and Mauro Grossi, Group CFO. The successful progress attests to the commitment to excellence. With long-term industry engagement, deep industry roots, extensive experience and strong international network, the AMAC team collaborates to exceed the expectations of clients, airworthiness authorities and original equipment manufacturers.

Mukamalah Aviation Company Limited
Mukamalah is the first aviation company in Saudi Arabia and second in the Middle East, Mukamalah Aviation Company Limited (Mukamalah) was established in 1934 under the name of Saudi Aramco Aviation with the core mission of oil exploration through the vast Saudi desert. From its headquarters in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Mukamalah, headed by its CEO Capt. Khalid H. Alnatour offers a unique and extended spectrum of aviation services, from the different types of flight operations, to full FW and RW MRO capability, ending in airports and aircraft management services. Mukamalah operates 54 aircraft from different fleets all serving different purposes but with the common goal of helping in the business’ success. In addition to its massive fleet, Mukamalah MRO extends over more than 2500 square meter of hangar space. Led by VP of Maintenance Hassan Al-Assaf, Mukamalah MRO offers a variety of maintenance services on different aircraft types across all categories from Commercial and General Aviation to Business and Private Aviation and ending in Helicopter maintenance. Mukamalah regularly serves 18 airports throughout Saudi Arabia, nine of which Mukamalah fully manages, serves, and operates, and more than 300 helipads, both on and offshore.