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A VVIP B747-8i aircraft has been released to service after its first annual maintenance inspection at AMAC Aerospace in Basel, Switzerland.

The Head-of-State aircraft was outfitted by AMAC in VVIP configuration and was delivered with a fully outfitted VVIP cabin in July 2015, which made AMAC the first completion center in the world to re-deliver a fully outfitted B747-8i in VVIP configuration.

The maintenance program has been performed by AMAC in a very challenging ground-time in order to meet the customer’s operational requirements. AMAC’s new fourth hangar, which was completed in Q4 2015, as well as teams and shifts were dedicated to this maintenance project, in order to ensure the on-time delivery of the VVIP aircraft.


The VVIP B747-8i was delivered after its first annual maintenance inspection