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A tender has been won by AMAC Aerospace to perform a 12 years modification on an Airbus A340-200 aircraft in conjunction with extensive cabin modifications.

The aircraft will be at AMAC’s headquarters in Basel, Switzerland for a short layover, which is requested by the undisclosed customer considering the operational requirements of his A340-200. During the comprehensive 12 years inspection, AMAC’s experts will perform a pylon inspection and will therefore remove all four engines of the wide- body. Beside the heavy maintenance checks, the aircraft will undergo a cabin modification programme as well as a refurbishment programme of the cabin seats, furniture and the carpet using the “smart repair” technique.

“On this wide-body aircraft we will carry out extensive modification work along with heavy maintenance. With our in-house capabilities in regard to engineering, design and production, we are delighted to offer this ‘one-stop-service’ and our commitment to the highest business aviation standards to our esteemed clientele, which keeps his operational costs down.“ Mr. Mauro Grossi, Group Chief Financial Officer, AMAC Aerospace, stated.