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AMAC Aerospace are proud to announce four maintenance projects on Airbus’ aircraft;

An Airbus A320 will enter AMAC’s facilities to undergo out a minor inspection, life TV activation and an ‘ADS-B Out’*.

A second Airbus A320 arrived last week on short notice at AMAC Aerospace in Basel, Switzerland, to undergo a 1C, 2C and 4C Check.

Next week AMAC will welcome two Airbus’ aircraft, an Airbus A319 and an Airbus A318;
AMAC will undergo a 6/ 18 months inspection on an Airbus A319. In addition the privately owned aircraft will have carried out an ‘ADS-B Out’* modification.

On a privately owned Airbus A318 AMAC Aerospace will carry out an ‘ADS-B Out’* modification and a ‘FANS’ (Future Air Navigation System) installation.

*Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast