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AMAC Aerospace Switzerland AG provided support in the launch of a new commercial operator in the industry and in specific to the Middle East region.

New registrations and livery applications combined with a maintenance input on five different aircraft have successfully been completed by AMAC. A Gulfstream G550, an Airbus A320, two Airbus A340 aircraft and a new Gulfstream G4, which was added to the fleet, were returned to service within a challenging ground time in order to minimize the operating costs.

The new commercial operator from the Middle East highly appreciates AMAC’s excellent responsiveness, dedication and positive attitude towards new challenges. The facility in Basel, Switzerland was selected by this new customer, as AMAC is always ready to go the extra mile!

AMAC supported the launch of a new commercial operator in providing a new livery application and performing maintenance input on a Gulfstream G4 aircraft which was added to the fleet.