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AMAC Aerospace Switzerland is expanding its completion, maintenance, engineering and production services with the acquisition of JCB Aero SAS, a French leader in the luxury design and installation of civil and VIP aircraft interiors.

With more than 25 years of expertise, JCB Aero SAS is a key player within the aircraft cabin interior industry. Its core competences are engineering project and completion services, conception and manufacturing of composites products and interior equipment. The company is located near Toulouse in Auch, France, on a private airport with 5’000 m2 of hangar space and 6’127 m2 of workshop and office space. The facility of JCB Aero SAS includes wood, lamination, upholstery and paint workshops. JCB Aero’s success is based on the highly skilled craftsmen dedicated to producing work of the finest quality but also on its high level of Engineering Modification Capacity. This has led to the development of several long-term customer relationships.

“The acquisition of JCB Aero SAS with its experienced and highly skilled craftsmen makes the perfect complement to AMAC Aerospace Switzerland Ltd’s operations and core competences.” noted Mr. Kadri Muhiddin, Group Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, AMAC Aerospace Switzerland Ltd.

JCB Aero was founded in 1987 by a craftsman himself, Mr Jean Claude Beaudet who was the unique shareholder of the company. From the very beginning, he has always been driven by the desire to exceed the customer’s demands and has always been committed to delivering products of the highest quality.

“Manned with experienced professionals, JCB is for sure able to contribute to the future growth of AMAC Aerospace. We are proud to become part of AMAC Aerospace, a group of companies, as one of the leading and most innovative companies in the area of VIP completion/ refurbishment and maintenance services”, said Jean Claude Beaudet, Founder/CEO of JCB Aero SAS.

Mr. Kadri Muhiddin, AMAC Aerospace and Mr. Jean Claude Beaudet, JCB Aero SAS